Heather Pino – Principal & Interior Designer – Metro Design Build

Daniel Kinkade – President of Daniel Kinkade Fine Art, Art Advisor 


8th Annual River North Design District Gallery Walk
Presented by Daniel Kinkade Fine Art
Opening Night | September 8, 2023 | 5:00pm – 8:00pm

On display until October 10th

*The After Party*

Tickets are still available!  It’s from 8-11pm and we have a tequila tasting with Mijenta, DJ Diskokitty, a live auction with Heritage Auctions, a silent auction with 12 small works of art, food, drinks, smores bar, tarot card reading and performers.

The 2023 RNDD Gallery Walk After Party Hosted by LG Group
8:00pm – 11:00pm
LG Group | 363 W Ontario
Tickets are $75 each. Get tickets now!

Heather Pino’s Tips:

-Takeaway #1 is buy what you love.  A good designer can always make your art collection work in your space.

            – Whether is full of color, a sculpture or a painting, a designer can find the right place in your home for it 

 A designer can help you find the right placement in your home for art and determine the correct scale of art that would be best for the space

            – we work with many clients who are moving into a new home and need help with placement of existing art 

            – if you have something small, we may suggest it goes in a powder room

            – if you have a sculpture, we may suggest a shelf or a pedestal and if you don’t have either, we would help source that 

– I love helping my clients select framing and matting that would be best for their piece

            – Frame material can be natural or a color. 

            – Traditional and ornate or simple and modern.

            – Do we have a mat or no mat 

            – there are so many options and the right combination will make all the difference. 

– How do you mix existing art with new- 

            – framing is a good way to make a collection feel more cohesive

            – and if you have a more eclectic style, mixing frames with mediums of art is a good way to create an interesting gallery wall 

– Do you want to create a space around a piece of art 

            – You can! I’ve designed a kitchen around a painting before pulling color and shapes from the art.  Art many times provides a jumping off point for the design.