Carjackings on the rise – what should you do and not do if confronted?

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Sgt. Thomas Parham – Central Investigations/Vehicle Hijacking Task Force


1.  Always Stay aware of your surroundings.

2.  Don’t be distracted by cellphones when parked.

3.  Keep your doors locked  when driving.

4.  Most carjackings occur when exiting or entering your vehicle.

5.  Always shut off your car when fueling, picking up food, or running errands and take keys with you.

6.  Trust your gut,  if something doesn’t look or feel right, drive around the block.

7.  Call the police if you see something that looks suspicious.

8.  If confronted, don’t resist.  Try to stay calm, & gather as much detailed information about offenders.  Description, vehicle information, direction of flight. 

Understandably, these situations are a traumatic incident.  But the more information you are able to give police, the better the chance of identification.

9.  Most carjacking are crimes of opportunity .  Very seldom are victims targeted. 


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