Legendary journalist Bill Kurtis interviews Pat Tomasulo about ‘Man of the People’ legacy

Man of the People
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CHICAGO — Legendary journalist Bill Kurtis interviewed Pat Tomasulo about his highs and lows on Man of the People for it’s last episode.

Kurtis began by asking Tomasulo how it felt to have the show ending after 19 years, to which Tomasulo clarified that it had only been 18 months.

Kurtis moved on by talking about some of the highlights of the show. He talked to Tomasulo about the countless beards he trimmed on the show and how he even spent some time in a barber shop. Tomasulo said maybe being a barber on the side will be his new passion now that the show is over.

Kurtis also asked about the segment Tomasulo did with Zachary Levi, star of new superhero movie “Shazam!” Tomasulo said that Levi’s PR people were a pain and Kurtis said he had the same issues with Will Ferrell’s people during “Anchorman.” Kurtis said he would “straighten” the PR people out because he was from Chicago.

Kurtis ended the interview by talking about the legacy of “Man of the People” in Chicago.

“Sooner or later this horrendous spectacle had to come to an end,” Kurtis said. “A crime against humanity that left its horrendous and enduring mark on this city.”

Tomasulo said he thought Kurtis was reading a “Cold Case” file, since Kurtis was the host of the crime show, but Kurtis said he was not.

Watch the full clip in the player above.


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