Yoga Builds Strength and Busts Stress

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Just entering the room, one becomes calmer and more aware of their surroundings. Natural lighting, open space and smooth, wood floors. The quiet room forces anyone who enters it to take a step back and calm themselves. Welcome to Yogaview.

“We’re all so wound up and so stressed out most of the time that we don’t even know how to relax,” says Quinn Kearney, co-owner and instructor at Yogaview.

Kearney points out that in today’s fast-paced society, it’s important to take time to pay attention to our bodies and our breath and yoga is a great way to do that. He says that during yoga, people open up all the energy lines in their bodies and because of this, leave class feeling relaxed and restored.

“Because of doing the asana practice – taking the different shapes, doing these different poses – once you get to shavasana, the level of relaxation is very deep,” he says.

For those looking to de-stress, Kearney recommends a sun salutation:

  1. Stand straight up, arms to your side and palms facing forward. As you inhale, bring your arms above your head and bring your palms together.
  2. Exhale and fold forward, hinging at the waist and bringing hands to the floor. Bend knees if needed.
  3. Inhale and bring your hands onto your shins, lengthening through your back and neck. Keep your back straight and look forward slightly.
  4. Bend your knees slightly, bring your hands to the floor and walk your feet back until you’re in a push-up position. This is called “plank pose.”
  5. Exhale, lowering all the way down. Keep elbows bent and hands underneath shoulders.
  6. Get into cobra pose by pushing your hands down, pulling your shoulders back and lifting your chest up. “Bending backwards has a huge amount of health benefits because we’re always sitting,working, driving somewhere,” Kearney says. “So this is the counterpose to what we’re always doing.”
  7. Lower chest to floor, curl toes under, and push back into downward facing dog. This will lengthen your torso and because your head is lower than your hips, you get fresh blood flow to the brain. This pose is also great for stretching hamstrings and opening up the shoulders.
  8. Bend knees and walk feet up between hands.
  9. Bring hands back onto shins, repeating step three.
  10. Exhale as you repeat step four.
  11. Come up, raising hands above head and look slightly up, bringing palms together.
  12. Exhale arms back down to your sides.

Yogaview Lincoln Park is located at 2211 N. Elston Ave. Suite #200 and can be reached at 773.342.9642


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