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Sweat on State might be the new kid in town, but it’s already making a name for itself in the Chicago’s fitness scene. This boutique fitness studio puts participants through vigorous interval training in order to achieve maximum results.

“You exhaust your body throughout a short amount of time and then you take a rest period to recovery so you can push that hard again,” Rahn says.

This maximizes strength-building benefits which according to the National Institute of Health, can help build stronger bones and prevent injury and osteoporosis down the road. Check out these strengthening moves and give them a try!

Move 1: Thruster

Target: Glutes, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, and arms

What you’ll need: A weighted bar

  1. Bring the bar up to your chest, bring elbows in front of bar slightly.
  2. Send hips down and back into a squat position.
  3. Thrust bar all the way up, locking overhead.
  4. Bring back down and repeat.

Move 2: Kettlebell Swing

Target: Great move for building hip strength to negate long-term injury

What you’ll need: A kettlebell

  1. Send hips back and bend slightly at the knees.
  2. Transfer power from glutes to hips, popping kettle bell up and locking overhead.
  3. Bring back down and repeat.

Sweat on State is located at 1165 N. State St. Chicago, IL and can be reached at 312.948.0363.


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