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Not only is bikram yoga a hot new workout here in Chicago, it’s literally a hot class.  Most classes are kept at a steamy 105 degrees with 40% humidity. So why get all sweaty with this kind of yoga? Bikram Yoga Instructor, Gianna Purcell says, “We keep it at that temperature to facilitate a deeper stretch. It’s good to get deeper into the tissues.”

Classes are 90 minutes long, and each time you perform a set series of 26 postures. Purcell says, “Every time you come in you know what you’re going to do, and each time you have an opportunity to pick up a little bit more and get a little bit deeper.” You can expect to challenge every muscle group, and improve both your flexibility and balance through bikram yoga.

We tried a few postures over at 105F Bikram Yoga Chicago in Lincoln Park.

Pose #1: Half Moon Pose

*Strengthens Core, Increases Flexibility in the Spine


  1. Lock your arms and fully engage your arm muscles
  2. Lift your entire body up to the ceiling
  3. Push your hips forward

Pose #2: Standing Head to Knee

*Improves Balance, Builds Concentration and Focus, Improves Hamstring and Hip Flexibility


  1. Keep your body weight forward on your standing leg foot and lock your knee
  2. Keep your stomach in tight
  3. Keep your eyes still and focus in on one spot ahead of you

105F Bikram Yoga Chicago is located at 2736A N. Clark Street in Lincoln Park. For more information about their studios, visit this site.


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