Keeping Spirits Up When Temperatures are Down

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Energize with excercise!

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As Chicagoans, one major source of the blues can be the constant frigid temperatures. Psychotherapist Joyce Marter works with folks to eliminate stress and struggle from their daily lives—so we asked her to help us shake those feelings and remain upbeat through the wintry weather.

  • Practice Gratitude: A gratitude journal is a great way to recognize things that are going well.
  •  Don`t Overcommit: Many of us stress ourselves out by ultimately taking on way too much.
  • Choose Favorite Activities: Be mindful about the things give you energy versus deplete you of your energy. Doing what you love can often make you feel completely revitalized. Even if you don’t think you have the time—make time!
  • Up your Vitamin D: Make sure you`re getting enough fish oil. Low Vitamin D levels can lower your mood and exacerbate depression.
  • Exercise: Keep moving, and you’ll keep yourself positive.


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