Infertility out in the open

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Baby announcements, miniature clothing, and growing bellies bring many people profound joy and excitement. However, for one in eight couples (roughly 12% of the population), these simply serve as reminders of what is unattainable: a baby.

According to the CDC, 6.1 million women have difficulties becoming or staying pregnant. Age, stress, and lifestyle habits such as smoking, poor diet, and excessive alcohol use, are just some of the factors that may increase a woman’s inability to conceive. However, Dr. Eve Feinberg of the Fertility Centers of Illinois says it’s important to remember that infertility is not a woman’s issue, it’s a couple’s issue, underscoring the need for communication and support.

Feinberg says that couples who go through infertility treatments together stay together. Sharing feelings, attending appointments together, and making time for romance and date nights are all important factors in keeping a relationship strong during what can be a trying time.

Emotional support is not the only support needed. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) lists the average cost of IVF treatment in the U.S. as $12,400. For this reason, Feinberg urges couples to look at loans, study, and grant opportunities. To see how one Chicago woman turned her experience into something positive, be sure to check out our segment! And for more information on infertility, treatment, and support please visit the websites below:


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