Exploring Life Through Adaptive Adventures

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Reid was on his way to a picnic when a truck struck his motorcycle. The accident left doctors no choice but to amputate from the knee down. Due to complications, Reid underwent another amputation months later, this one from above the knee.

“Basically life changed that second – forever – and my family’s life, my friends’ lives, everybody not just me,” he says. “The simplest of things is now difficult.”

Difficult but not impossible. With the help of a local organization Reid is slowly quenching his thirst for adventure.

Adaptive Adventures‘ mission is to provide progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve the quality of life for children, adults and veterans with physical disabilities. Individuals who once thought activities like skiing, kayaking and cycling were a thing of the past are introduced to adaptive technology and a different way of doing their favorite activities.

For Reid, this means getting back on the road with his bike. The only difference? This one has three wheels. With the wind in his face and heart on the road, Reid now has the confidence to try as much as he can.

“There’s life after amputation,” he says. “My life wasn’t over. It may be over the way Reid was August 5th but there’s a whole world of activities out there for me which I never knew existed.”



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