How To: Detox the Body (Naturally!)

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Detox has joined the ranks of buzz-worthy words as of late. But slashing your calorie intake, consuming a liquid-only diet, and all the other options out there not only intimidate people but might actually do more harm than good. We teamed up with registered dietician, Dawn Jackson Blatner, to get the skinny on how to detox the good old-fashioned way. Turns out, it’s all about your gut. Take a look at her breakdown of the Five Healthy F’s:

  1. Fluid: Drink plenty of water and tea to help flush your system
  2. Fiber: Beans, whole grains and color fruits and veggies aid in digestion and will help get things moving
  3. Fats: Good fats found in olives, avocados, nuts, and seeds help keep your system healthy
  4. Friendly bacteria: Yogurt, kefir (fermented milk) and kombucha (fermented tea), keep flora, the bacteria that helps with digestion, healthy.
  5. Fitness: “Exercise and getting your blood flowing really keeps your whole system healthy,” Blatner says.

A detox without the hunger pains and weird side effects? Sign us up.


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