Female Weight Loss: Why are we slower to shed pounds?

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Lifting weights isn’t just for the guys!

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Sarah Baker is the founder of BalancedBabe.com, a women’s wellness and personal growth website. And when you’ve got a ton of female readers, you tend to field A LOT of questions. But one stands out to her: Why is my boyfriend/husband/brother/etc. losing weight so much more easily than I am? What the heck gives?

Well, for one thing, Sarah says, it’s science. “One of the main reasons that men can drop fat a lot quicker than women is because of their lean muscle mass.” But it’s not just genetics. Sarah also says women are far more prone to emotional eating than men.

Balanced Babe to the rescue! Here are her top tips.

1. Watch your carbs

Sarah Says: “Carbs are the number one killer when it comes to women and maintaining healthy weight levels. So it’s imperative for women to watch their portion sizes compared to men.”

2. Don’t ‘Diet.’

Sarah Says: “When you have that mindset where you just want to lose weight instead of feel great or lead a healthier lifestyle, it could end up with you failing at the end.”

3. Get some sleep!

Sarah Says: “Sleep is a major player when it comes to maintaining health wellness and an allover healthy body appearance. If you don’t get enough sleep and you’re sleep-deprived, there’s studies that show that you can increase your appetite.”

4. Lifting weights isn’t just for the guys.

Sarah Says: “Unless you’re doing some heavy duty weight lifting, you’re not going to bulk up. Start off with maybe five pounds and then as you get stronger, you can work your way up.”

5. De-stress!

Sarah Says: “When you’re stressed, your cortisol levels spike which then spikes your blood sugar, which then spikes your cravings. Take 30 minutes out of the day to meditate and just pressing that reset button as much as you can, no matter how simple it can be can lower your stress levels all over which will ultimately lead to healthier eating.”

Check out the video below where Sarah breaks down each aspect of female weight loss.


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