Expert Q & A: Hormone Therapy for Anti-Aging

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Dr. Alex breaks down hormone therapy

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Dr. Alex Paziotopoulos is an expert in all things anti-aging, including hormone therapy. We sat down with him to learn more.

LHC: What is hormone therapy?

Dr. Alex: Hormone therapy basically is replacing the natural hormones in your body, anything from the hormones from your adrenal glands like cortisol to your thyroid gland, to your estrogens, your progesterone, your testosterone, your DHEA, all these things. Hormones can fluctuate because of aging, stress levels, hormones can fluctuate because of lack of exercise, it can fluctuate from your diet. If you wait until you feel symptoms of hormones getting out of balance, you’ve waited a little bit too long.

LHC: How does hormone replacement or hormone therapy relate to anti-aging?

Dr. Alex: This natural hormone replacement helps combat many of the signs we generally associate with aging. with thinking, it helps reduce chances for cancer, for cardiovascular disease, for bone loss, for muscle loss.

LHC: How is hormone therapy actually administered? What does this actually look like?

It depends on the hormone. Thyroid you take by mouth, let’s say I had to give you some progesterone, I could do that through a topical cream. Testosterone we do through a pellet.

LHC: What’s a pellet?

Dr. Alex: I’ll show you! (See video below)

Check out the full story below, where host Jane Monzures get’s a full hormone therapy workup, and we spend some time with a patient of Dr. Alex who has seen huge benefits from hormone therapy.


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