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Tracey Sivak finds joy in grocery shopping.

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Tracey Sivak follows the Whole30 plan, which centers on discovering the effects of food far beyond your wallet and your waistline. “You just don’t know. Your entire life could change. And it seems really bold to say that food has that big of an impact, but for me, it was life-changing. You sleep better, your skin looks better. You just generally have more clarity. I feel most days like I’m very awake, and I’m in a great mood.”

It’s a food journey that has taught her some important things along the way. She shares her insights for using food to create change in your life.

1. Think ahead & know your list. 

Tracey says: “I think that’s the number one thing is always thinking ahead. I almost buy the same things every week when it comes to my regular grocery order.”

2. Eliminating certain foods from your diet can reveal their specific effects.

Tracey says: “For me, taking sugar out really helps eliminate those mood swings.”

3. Use support systems and social networks.

Tracey says: “It’s about who you surround yourself with, and when you make that change, you start to attract those people. I’ve had such a great time connecting with people through Instagram; it’s been a great way to connect with other people that are also trying to reach their goals.”

4. Find joy in food.

Tracey says: “Buying groceries and spending time planning your meals, finding a little bit of joy in that I think helps you.”

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