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Chicago resident Judy Sherr says she had been blessed with parents who were very healthy until her father started showing signs of dementia.  Her mother tried to take care of him, but was unable to meet all of his needs.

General Manager Melissa Marchwick of, an online resource for people to connect to the right levels of care for their aging loved ones, says it’s common for people just like Judy to feel unprepared or not know where to turn.  She says the YearsAhead assessment tool helps people gauge what level of care a loved one needs.  YearsAhead also provides lists of resources that align with varying levels of care.

Judy was able to find a caregiver for her father.  It alleviates stress on the entire family and they can feel confident her father is receiving the care he needs.

To take a proactive approach, Melissa says to ask your aging loved ones specific questions.  She suggests asking, “Do they want to stay in their home for as long as they can?  Would they want to look at senior communities from independent living which is basically just a retirement community to assisted living, what is their wish?  Then what are the financial ramifications?”

Melissa says it’s never too early to prepare for the future.  Ask questions of your aging loved ones now.  The more prepared an entire family is, the less stressful the decision will be to choose the right care option.

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