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High stress levels at work can affect your health and your productivity, knowing how to manage that stress is the key to success. Sometimes pressure from work can feel overwhelming. That’s something Robert Gold Salon and Spa manager Melissa Kaufman knows first hand. She says when tension levels are high, she notices conflict between employees and between employees and clients. She turned to local therapist Joyce Marter who conducts courses on ways to lower stress levels at work.

“It’s really common for people to not realize how much it carries over into their personal life.” Marter says. “That can have a negative impact on their relationships on their family and their quality of life. It can affect your mental health, it can affect you physically. I definitely believe in the mind-body connection and stress really impacts both.”

To lower stress levels in any workplace, Joyce recommends starting with your own breath.

“Across many cultures they say the breath is what ties together the mind, the body and the spirit.” she says. “When we’re stressed out we tend to breathe more shallowly and rapidly. So by calming our breath we can actually relax our minds and focus on the present. It’s going to benefit your mental health and help you feel more grounded physically and emotionally and then best be prepared to cope with whatever stressors you`re dealing with at work.

Another recommendation is to keep a clear mind–she says that helps people see stressful situations in a more positive light.

“Pay attention to your self-talk or your thinking.  It’s a little bit like sports psychology.  Instead of being your worst critic you can truly choose to be your best coach. And instead have a positive mantra to help you through the day. It increases the likelihood that that’s the way things are going to go for us and it really helps.”

Other ways to reduce stress throughout your workday include exercising daily, visualizing your own success at work and making a conscious effort to let go of what you can’t control. Melissa says her staff has implemented these techniques and she’s seen a big difference in the way they’re handling stressful situations, resulting in better health and better business.

“We live in a really stressful society and I think regardless of your job, it’s really important to make sure we’re all taking care of ourselves and learning how to cope. Just knowing that you can escape the stressful environment. It’s really beneficial to having a successful work environment and for us to stay successful in our jobs.”

According to local therapist Joyce Marter, learning how to manage stress at work is beneficial to your mental and physical health. She says specific techniques can work for everyone.
To contact Joyce Marter, visit her webpage here.

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