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Sometimes we get so used to living with pain, we just accept it as part of our day-to-day and give up on finding the root cause of the problem and ridding ourselves of it. Such is true for Margaret Jayes, who’s been living with chronic and severe migraine headaches since she was fifteen. “I didn’t have much hope that things were going to change. It was something I have learned to live with. It became a part of life.”

Until however, she saw an article in the paper about Michael Psy, a Neuromuscular Therapist, who uses specialized techniques with his hands to provide immediate relief and long term cure for pain. Unlike massage therapy or chiropractic methods, Michael says he, “locates trigger points within muscles and other soft tissue and then releases them through stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.” He also works on the spine and upper three vertebrae to correct their alignment, but without any cracking.

Michael says there are easy steps you can take at home to reduce your pain:

  • Work on improving your posture
  • Sleep on your back, instead of your stomach or sides
  • Find the right pillow
  • Try not to cross your legs when you sit

In Margaret’s case, she tried different types of therapy, yoga and acupuncture, and they did not work for her, but with neuromuscular therapy, she says, “it changed my life for the better.”