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Pretty much all of us know stress is bad but actually putting an end to it is easier said than done. We teamed up with Tim Suh at Alternative Health Group to learn three easy stress-busting tricks you can do anywhere (office cubicle, we’re lookin’ at you).

  1. Focus on the breath: “Focusing on the exhale helps the parasympathetic nervous system relax,” Suh says. The goal is to make your inhales and exhales as long as possible. He says humming is the easiest way to elongate the breath.
  2. Subtract something from your life: “In our society, we try to do more to de-stress but we want to try to be subtractive,” he says. Suh suggests subtracting wheat, citing recent research that shows gluten sensitivities can cause stressful physiological problems.
  3. Help others: Take a step outside of yourself and do something good for someone else. Volunteer, help a friend or just perform a random act of kindness. Brightening someone else’s day will boost your mood as a result.

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