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Or is it? We partnered up with Sky High Sports in Niles to check out their AIRobics class … and have a little fun along the way. Not only can trampoline workouts torch some serious calories (an hour long class can burn up to 1,000!) but they’re also easy on joints. More give = less resistance! Our instructor, Jake, gave us three staple moves that’ll have you jumping for joy.
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  1.  Heel Tappers – Alternate heels one at a time, kicking out and tapping in front of you. Start off your workout with this move to warm up and relax the body. “Whenever you feel tired or uncomfortable during a future workout, you can always go to heel tappers,” Jake says.
  2. Quick High Knees – Start in middle of the trampoline with legs hip width apart. Bend knees and keep your keep back straight. Tap feet against the trampoline as quickly as you can, bringing your knees up to your chest. “This one isn’t about height, it’s about speed,” Jake says.
  3. Star – Jump straight into the air as high as you can. Kick legs and arms out, making an “X” shape with your body. “It’s just like a big jumping jack,” He says.
Sky High Sports is located at 6424 W. Howard St. Niles, IL and can be reached at 847.801.5867


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