BRADLEY, Ill. — Nearly one week after hundreds of workers at a medical plant in Bradley walked off the job, an agreement has been reached that will end the strike at CSL Behring in Kankakee County.

A new, three-year collective bargaining agreement between CSL Behring and UFCW/ICWU Local 498-C was ratified on Wednesday, ending a six-day strike.

The contract for union workers at CSL Behring in Bradley, Illinois expired Wednesday, Sept. 27.

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WGN News reported last week that, unlike many strikes, the two sides were not necessarily at odds over money and benefits but rather outsourced work to non-union workers.

“We wanted the guarantee of a job,” a picketer told WGN News last week. “What good is an 11% raise over three years if we don’t have a job when we come back because the company has outsourced it?”

CSL Behring is Kankakee County’s largest manufacturing facility, with more than 1,500 workers. More than 700 are members of the UFCW/ICWU Local 498-C.

The full terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Employees are expected to return to work on Thursday.