CHICAGO — A rally in support of Israel took place at Foster Beach in Lincoln Park on Sunday.

About 20 to 30 people gathered at the beach holding up flags and chanting in support of Israel.

Organizers say they had originally planned for a much larger crowd and for the event to take place at Federal Plaza in the Loop, but after some threats of violence, organizers felt moving the event was the best option.

One of the people who spoke at Sunday’s event was Ira Piltz, an attorney who lives in Chicago. Piltz said his daughter and a number of his relatives are currently in Israel and he fears for their safety.

Others at the event held up signs allegedly showing the faces and names of those kidnapped by Hamas.

Organizer Brad Gluszewski said the event was not about being anti-Palestine, but instead about being anti-terrorism and ultimately about bringing the Jewish community together amid the ongoing conflict.

“We just want peace. I mean I’ve been to Israel, you know, and everyone who’s ever been to Israel, you know there’s Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druzes. Anyone who’s been there knows Israel is not perfect. I think no country is perfect. But people there get along for the most part and everyone there just wants peace. You know everyone in Israel serves in the army whether you’re Christian, Muslim. Everyone gets along and everyone there just wants peace,” Gluszewski said.