EVANSTON, Ill. — Dozens gathered in Downtown Evanston on Sunday to rally in support of the 240 people the Israeli military says have been kidnapped by Hamas. 

Saturday’s event offered a visual representation honoring those who are missing. 

“No one knows the situation, what’s going on with them, where they are, if they’re alive, if they are not alive, if they are or wounded, if they need help,” Ami Sarbagil, who attended the rally, said.

The crowd at Saturday’s rally surrounded a circle of shoes on the ground, each pair symbolizing a person currently being held by Hamas. 

“There are so many people over there, from all over the spectrum, that no one knows what about them. We want, we really want a sign of life,” Sarbagil said.

The United States has been calling on Israel to pause its attack against Hamas as civilian casualties have been costly. 

Two more airstrikes on Saturday were blamed for killing scores of people inside refugee camps in the Gaza Strip. 

As many as 9,700 Palestinians have died in the conflict and another 1,400 lives have been lost in Israel. 

“I feel sorry for any victim who is suffering today. But I personally don’t see the other way,” Beatrisa Paz, an Evanston resident, said. 

Paz said she believes the war is not against innocent people, but a war against terrorism. 

“This is a war not against Palestinian people. This is not a war about innocent victims. We need to free Palestine from Hamas,” Paz said.

U.S. officials say it is believed that around 10 of the 240 hostages are American citizens.