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  • Jo

    Dominick’s stores and Safeway company they really don’t care about there employees they have had several. Class action law suit against them and quite a few settled with the board of labor in Illinois I’m sure it is public records for unfair treatment of there employees maybe people should know how dirty that company really treated there employees I just hope they will get hired by other companies that would treat there employees better

  • ed Gibbons

    I live in Green Bay Wisconsin,and tried to DVD a show on Time Warner Cable called Bozo Gar and Ray..three shows I remember from my childhood…it is on their menu.. I can schedule it but it comes up as null 1 on my DVR..And says it won't record because the channel doesn't exsist..having my sisters up and promised them some serious Garfield Goose…you should fix this

  • Geraldine M. Pajkos

    Can someone tell me why there has not been anything on the news about TPP. This is scary to me. I don't really understand the whole concept of this action but I don't think I like it. I found TPP on Google. What do you think about this "Fasttrack" stuff???

    • Guest

      It is deliberate . This is an attempt to give free reign to Foreign trade and keep you in slavery to the system. Do we need any trade agreements? No of course not what do we make here? It is a sellout of our country without our consent of course so they want to "Fast Track "it right by you because of course you would say Go$$@$$ yourself. But you are not supposed to have any say in the matter.

  • Pat Campbell Moseley

    I think rebroadcasts of the Middle is one of the best things on TV. I am a new viewer. I am not so fond of hours of news. It is tiring. Could we do something about all the popups and advertising? There are at least 32 commercials during the Middle, a half hour shows. Thanks

  • lawfriendsattnet

    JAG please please continue/return JAG to your lineup. Buds leg amputated…you stop series. I especially liked extras on Saturdays.

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