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Latinas are exploring the world of politics more than ever before. 

The field traditionally dominated by men has seen a shift over the last few years.  In Illinois – there are now six Latinas in the House and four in the Senate. 

Chicago is also seeing its share of representation with a Latina City Clerk and Circuit Court Clerk. 

It’s expected that this November, the first Latina will be elected to Congress in Illinois and the Midwest. 

“When you start to see more people like you, who represent your background, your commitment and ‘compromiso’ that encourages you to get into the space and see it,” 20th District Senator Cristina Pacione Zayas said.

“The biggest accomplishment that we can leave behind is a legacy that anyone can think they can run for office and not even question it,” Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza said.

Although there has been a rise in Latina representation, nationwide Latinas only make up 3% of Congress.