EVANSTON, Ill. — Northwestern University got the green light from the Evanston City Council on Monday night for a project that has been a point of contention for months.

Concerts will soon be coming to the brand new Ryan Field after the City Council voted to move forward with the controversial rezoning and rebuilding of the field.

The mayor of Evanston ended up casting the deciding vote to approve the new stadium project.

The plan will involve the demolition of the stadium before a privately funded, $800 million stadium is built in its place. The rezone is also paving the way for the school to host six concerts a year at the new stadium.

Northwestern offered up a benefits package to Evanston that is worth around $175 million over 15 years.

The money is expected to be paid out annually and will go towards things like the Good Neighbor Fund, racial equity programs and financial aid for Evanston students looking to attend Northwestern University.

After Monday night’s vote, the school released a statement saying:

This decision marks a pivotal moment for Northwestern and the city of Evanston. We’re embarking on a journey that promises not just a state of the art stadium, but also a beacon of cultural and economic vitality. This project is a testament to our shared vision of progress and prosperity.

Dave Davis, Northwestern’s senior executive director of Neighborhood and Community Relations

Northwestern has not released a timeline for the new stadium build. However, say they will announce their next steps in the future.