CHICAGO — A Chicago woman has filed suit against Netflix and the filmmakers of the Kanye West documentary “Jeen-Yuhs” claiming she was exploited with the film’s release, according to TMZ reports.

Cynthia Love filed a suit against Netflix and filmmakers Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah on Monday, claiming the filmmakers and studio both exploited her with the documentary release, according to TMZ.

The Chicago woman said she originally made an appearance in Kanye West’s “Through the Wire” music video that was released in 2003. Simmons and Ozah both directed the music video.

The music video reportedly served as Kanye West’s breakout hit and opens with Love dancing inside a restaurant. She claims she was paid $20 for her role in the music video.

Love alleges the footage has now caused her emotional distress and harmed her reputation, according to TMZ. She says her appearance represents a part of her past she’d like to move on from.

The Chicago woman is suing the filmmakers and Netflix for $30,000 in damages.