Magic and wizardry mixed with food and drinks is on the menu at The Cauldron, a new restaurant and bar now open in Wicker Park. Here with more on what you can expect, The Cauldron co-owner David Duckworth.

1612 W Division

(732) 538-7630

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400ml Vodka (14oz)

250ml Lemon (8oz)

150ml Aperol (5oz)

200ml Creme de Peche (7oz)

200ml vanilla syrup (1:1 simple, 2 drops of vanilla essence) (7oz)


400ml milk (14oz)


– Mixing:

– Mix everything apart from the milk in a jug.

– Pour mix into milk! NOT milk into mix.

Leave overnight

– Filtering:

– Filter through coffee filters into a cheat bottle.

– When filtering mix the jug again before pouring in to the filter.

– The first few drops come through the filter, it will be cloudy, put it back in the top of the filter, it will come out clear.

– Once all liquid has been strained, ensure that this is kept refrigerated. – This needs stirring with ice to chill and dilute then it is ready to serve.

Pour 75ml (2.5oz) of batch into mixing glass Stir

Strain into nick & nora

Peel orange, express over liquid in glass and wipe oils on the rim of the glass. Cut straight lines and angular ends, cut in the middle of peel and display on the rim of the glass as an orange twist garnish.

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