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Summer is a time for the kids to get a break from school, but what if they can have some fun and still learn too? Camp Galileo gives kids the summer outdoor activities along with innovative projects to keep their minds moving. Tajalli Horvat introduced me to two campers to show us what kids can expect.


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High Flying Rocket!

Materials needed:

  • *Paper (6+ sheets, construction paper works well)
  • Tape (any kind)
  • Scissors
  • 2 pennies
  • 1 set of drawing tools (markers, colored pencils, etc.)

Testing Area

Write “Earth” and “Moon” on strips of paper

Find a launch zone where they aren’t going to hit anybody or anything breakable

Put earth in one corner of launch zone

Put moon 15 steps away with 1 foot tape box in front of it

Launcher and Rocket

Stick tape on a sheet of paper

Roll sheet – Check for evenness

Tape both ends

Trim one end

Make moisture guard

Stick tape on one side of the paper

Roll paper around the launch tube

Seal the end of the rocket

Test, Evaluate and Redesign

Nose Cone

Draw circle, put dot in middle

Cut out circle

Cut slit to the middle

Slide sides past each other

Tape and trim

Attach to rocket body

Test, Evaluate and Redesign


Cut strip of paper

Fold strip into quarters

Cut out 4 matching fins

Attach to rocket

Test, Evaluate and Redesign


Choose a location to attach two pennies to the rocket Test, Evaluate and Redesign