The OG Shirley Temple is one of the most famous mocktails, with its origins dating back to the 1930s. At The Dearborn, Beverage Director Sarah Clark has reinvented the classic mocktail to offer an elevated version, Shirley’s Sister. She joins us now with more.

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“Shirley’s Sister” Recipe:

2oz Shirley Syrup

.5oz Lemon Juice

Top with Club Soda

Serve in a Red Wine Glass over Ice

Garnish with a Straw & fresh Rosemary Sprig

Shirley’s Syrup Recipe:

12.5 cups Cranberry Juice

6.5 cups Sugar

3 – 17oz Whole Foods 365 Morello Cherry Jam (can be purchased from Whole Foods or on Amazon Prime)

Zest of 6 Lemons

1/2 cup fresh Rosemary


Boil Cranberry Juice, Morello Cherry Jam & Sugar together

Add Lemon Zest

Allow a rolling boil for about 2 minutes

Turn off heat & add 1/2 cup Rosemary Sprigs (leaves, stems & all)

Allow syrup to cool with Rosemary floating in it

When cooled completely, strain mixture through a chinois (if you do not have this tool, you can use a colander & cheesecloth to strain out the rosemary pieces)

Store in a sealed container & refrigerate. Because you are using fresh ingredients, you should label, date & use the syrup within 7 days. 

Shirley’s Sister is an excellent mixer for an alcoholic beverage as well. It works really well with vodka & gin. I would recommend adding 1.5 – 2oz of your desired spirit, and making the “Shirley’s Sister” recipe the exact same way as you would sans alcohol.

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