This restaurant in Pilsen is serving up four courses from their wood fired tasting menu. Joining us in our Studio 41 kitchen, preparing roasted lamb, a twist on chimichurri, and green coconut curry, Dusek Tavern and Dining Room’s Executive Chef, Geoff Thompson.

1227 W 18th St

(312) 526-3851

Instagram @dusekschicago

Roasted lamb saddle with Apricot chimichurri, spring onion panisse and green coconut curry

Mise en place

Spring onion Panisse

Green curry

Apricot chimichurri 

Sunflower shoots

Sliced apricots

Candied sunflower seeds

Lamb saddle (can substitute lamb rack)

Spring onion panisse

75g       spring onion bottoms sliced

125g     spring onion tops sliced

12g       salt

950g     milk

50g       butter

50g       oil

240g     sifted chickpea flour

Small fryer pot

Sweat onion bottoms in the oil and butter until translucent. Add milk, salt and onion tops and bring to a simmer. Simmer until the tops are deep green. Blend, strain through fine mesh and return to a clean pan. Bring back to a simmer and whisk in chickpea flour 1/3rd at a time making sure to whisk out all the clumps. Turn pan to high heat and mix with wooden spoon for about 2 minutes. Oil a shallow half hotel pan (flat bottom baking dish), place parchment paper in the oiled pan and spray parchment with oil. Pour panisse mixture into the pan, cover with parchment and press down to even it out. Cool in refrigerator until fully set. Cut into 1 inch X 2.5 inch rectangles. In small pot, bring oil to 350 F. Fry panisse until golden brown. Season with salt.

Coconut curry

400g      lamb bacon diced (can substitute pork bacon)

140g      sliced shallot

75g        garlic sliced 

200g      green curry paste

40g        sugar

3c          white wine

2qts       chicken stock

2.5qts    coconut milk

135g      blanched, shocked and squeezed basil

75g        blanched, shocked and squeezed chives

105g      lime juice

37g        fish sauce

Render diced bacon in a medium pot on low heat until caramelized. Add shallot and garlic, sweat until translucent. Add green curry paste and toast until aromatic. Add sugar and white wine, reduce until au sec. Add coconut milk and chicken stock, reduce slowly until you have 2 qts left. Strain through fine mesh and blend with the rest of the ingredients until smooth and no speckles are left. Strain again through fine mesh and cool. Heat up in small pot to serve.

Apricot chimichurri

35g         parsley chopped

50g         chives

60g         basil chiffionade

50g         fresno brunoise

65g         lime juice

100g       sherry vin

330g       olive oil

380g       apricot brunoise

35g         fish sauce

TT           salt

TT           aleppo 

Mix all ingredients. Good for 2 days.

Candied sunflower seeds

1#        toasted sunflower seeds

1qt       H2O

2qt       sugar

Bring sugar and water to 235F. Dump sunflower seeds in and stir to coat. Strain sunflowers. Spread sunflowers out on silicone baking mat on full sheet tray. Bake at 300F for 10 minutes. Cool and break up. 

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