Vietfive is an artisan coffee company that provides an authentic Vietnamese coffee and food experience right here in the city’s West Loop. Here in our Studio 41 kitchen to teach us how we can make a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich right at home is owner Tuan Huynh.

1116 W. Madison St

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VietFive OG Bánh Mì

1. Slice bread down the middle and air fry for 1:30 min

2. Add spread butter and avocado mayo

3. Add Jambon (Sliced to bite) (2oz)

4. Add Gio/Cha Lua (Sliced to bite Cooked Pork) (2oz)

5. Add Sliced to bite Chicken (2oz)

6. Add deli sliced cucumbers (3-5 sliced long ways), jalapenos (cut to bite, add to taste), thinly shredded pickled daikon and carrots (1oz), and picked cilantro.

7. Top with Soy Sauce

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