It may be getting cooler out but you can always take the party inside. Today we dived into indoor grilling and how to make Fall-themed smash burgers at home.

President and CEO of EPIC Burger, David Grossman stopped by our Studio 41 Kitchen with the details.

Fall Farmhouse Burger


1 lb ground beef

2 Eggs

4 strips bacon

2 slices Pepper Jack cheese

2 slices beefsteak tomato

6 pickle chips

2 leaf lettuce

4 oz. Grilled Onion

Tangy and sweet Epic Sauce

4 buttered, toasted brioche buns


  1. Preheat griddle on low until it reaches a temperature of about 425 to 450 degrees F. While griddle is heating up, prep all of your other ingredients.
  2. To prep the burger balls, divide beef into 2 equal portions. Roll each portion in the palms of your hands to form a ball.
  3. When griddle is hot, place the balls of beef down on the hot zone of the griddle, making sure to leave enough space in between each to smash and flip.
  4. Place a piece of parchment paper over the first ball, and use your burger press or a stiff spatula to press down until the burger patty is evenly thin and flat. Once the burger is smashed, apply pressure using the press or spatula for about 10 seconds. Repeat the process until all 2 burgers are smashed.
  5. Season the top side of each patty with salt and pepper.
  6. Dab the cut sides of the hamburger buns in the residual grease on the griddle, and toast the buns while the burgers continue to cook. When buns are done toasting, remove them from the griddle. Prepare the buns with the prepped condiments so they are ready when the burgers are done.
  7. When burgers are a bit more than halfway cooked through (and there are still some pink spots on top), use a spatula or scraper to flip the burgers to the second side, making sure to scrape under the burger crust to remove it from the griddle with your burgers.
  8. Immediately after flipping the burger patties, top each with one slice of cheese.
  9. Prep your bun with sauce, pickles, tomato.
  10. When the cheese is melted (probably less than 1 minute), immediately remove from the griddle and transfer the smash burgers to the prepared buns.
  11. Add onion, bacon, and egg.
  12. Serve warm.

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