Imee’s Mediterranean Kitchen serves up fresh, healthy, and authentic Lebanese cuisine featuring recipes that have been passed down for generations. Owner, Nicole Nassif joins us now in our Studio 41 kitchen to break down a yogurt chicken recipe.

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The wrap comes as follows-
Wrapped in thin pita, looks like a burrito
Yogurt chicken
Mint gremolata
Served with toom and lift (pickled beets and turnips)

Yogurt combo-
Yogurt chicken
Choice of salad
Toom, lift

Yogurt chicken (the meat itself)-
32 oz plain store-bought yogurt
.5 oz parsley- we use curly
.25 oz fresh mint
3 lemons juice and zest
1 med onion
.25 oz paprika (really only for color)
10 lbs chicken
1 oz salt- kosher- course
.2 oz b pepper
Garlic (use as much as you want, we suggest at least 5 cloves)

Combine all item except chicken and mix
Add chicken and marinate at least overnight

Grill, serve as you wish

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