Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap is kicking off its 20th year in business by expanding to Navy Pier. Jake’s on the Lake recently opened featuring a variety of famous wings, burgers and more. Here in our Studio 41 Kitchen to break down the recipe for their buffalo wings is Executive Chef Matt Smith.

On the east end of Navy Pier.

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Buffalo Wings Recipe
Seasoned Flour:
1 lb. Flour All Purpose
¼ tbsp. Garlic Salt
¼ tbsp. Lawry’s Seasoning Salt
½ tbsp. White Pepper Ground

  1. Whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl and reserve for later.
    8 Chicken Wings
    2 oz. Buttermilk
    Seasoned Flour (to coat)
  2. Separate your wings and place in a bowl with the buttermilk
  3. Toss to coat well
  4. Coat with the Seasoned Flour well, tossing to make sure every inch is covered
  5. Heat oil to 325 degrees
  6. Cook the wings for 6 minutes and remove to a plate with a towel to dry.
  7. Raise heat of the oil to 350 degrees
  8. When the oil is at the correct temperature cook the wings for another 6 minutes or
    till the internal temperature is 165 degrees. Feel free to extend the time for crisper
  9. The frying steps can be done in an Air fryer with the same setting for the same
    Buffalo Medium Sauce:
    ½ gallons Homemade Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce
    ¼ cup White Vinegar
    ¼ lbs. Vegan Margarine
  10. In a large sauce pot on low heat, melt the margarine slowly until liquefied.
  11. Whisk in the remaining ingredients. And bring to a low simmer for 5 minutes.
  12. Remove from heat and room temperature. Transfer into a proper storage
  13. Add 4-6 ounces of the sauce to a clean bowl and place the hot wings in the bowl.
  14. Toss well to thoroughly cover and place on the serving dish, drizzle with
    remaining sauce in the bowl.
  15. Garnish with carrot sticks and celery and serve with homemade Ranch or Blue
    cheese dressing.
  16. Enjoy