With football season in full swing, we all can use some easy-to-make tailgating recipes. here in our Studio 41 Kitchen with the details is owner of Bobak sausage company – Stan Bobak.


Maxwell Polish Sausage

Bobak’s Sausage is one of two sausages available at retail stores that will make an authentic Maxwell. If you’re tailgating, the fixings are easy to assemble in advance and of course, you can cook the sausage on the grill. 

The traditional fixings for this include a poppy seed bun, grilled onions, yellow mustard and pickled sport peppers. The sausage should be both pork and beef — we’ve got two that fit the bill, our Maxwell Polish and our Polish Sausage.

Very easy! Our sausages are ready to grill (not raw) so they need to be heated up to at least 165 degrees. Grill the sausages, if you want a heated bun, put the bun on top of the sausage for a minute or two before adding the onions and yellow mustard. 


  • Bobak’s Maxwell Polish and/or Bobak’s Polish Sausage
  • Poppy seed buns
  • Yellow mustard
  • Green relish or pickled sport peppers

Sausage Kabobs

Everything can be cut-up and assembled in advance (like we have here) and then cooked until ready to eat. Again, 165 degrees on the sausage but these will cook quickly because the meat is sliced. 

You can use any of our sausages for this, depending on your preference. You want to cut everything into 2 or 3 in cubes or sections and fill up your skewers with alternating ingredients. Make sure you soak your skewers before putting on the grill!

Wait for the grill to be very hot, add olive oil to the skewer and any seasonings you’d like. I’ve seen people use Italian seasoning, turmeric – it’s up to you. Our sausages offer different flavor profiles so you can count on those to spice up the flavor.


  • Cut grilling vegetables
    • green, red, yellow peppers; 
    • onions; 
    • portobello or large white mushrooms
  • Sausage

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