Ahead of World Vegan Day this Wednesday, we learned how to prepare a few easy vegan dishes.

Vegan Blogger, Tamika Price joined us in our Studio 41 Kitchen with the details.


Recipe #1 – Fried Oyster Mushrooms

What You’ll Need:

Two bowls

Frying pan



Paper Towels

Dish to place mushrooms on

Gloves (optional)

Makes 3-4 servings


-about 4 oz (1/4 lb) of oyster mushrooms 

– 2 cups oil

-2.5 cups of flour (1.5 cups of flour for dry batter, 1 cup for wet batter)

-2 tsp apple cider vinegar

-2 tsp of Old Bay or cajun seasoning

– 2 tsp of garlic powder

– 1 tsp of onion powder

– 1 tsp of smoked paprika

Dry Batter

-1.5 cup of flour

– Seasonings

Wet Batter

-1 cup of flour

– 1 cup unsweetened plant-based milk

-2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar


Rinse off mushrooms and blot dry with paper. Ensure you remove excess moisture.

Break off larger clusters of mushrooms into smaller ones.

Prepare wet and dry batters.

Add oil to skillet and turn on medium heat.

Individually dip/coat each mushroom with the following batter method:

Step 1: Dry batter

Step 2: Wet batter

Step 3: Dry batter

Shake excess batter off each mushroom and place in separate dish.

Once oil is ready for frying, carefully add mushrooms individually to pan without overcrowding.

Fry for until golden brown (about 3-4 minutes), flip and repeat. Place mushrooms on paper towels in dish and let cool.

Serve with sauce and enjoy alone, cut over a salad, a sandwich or wrap.

Which parts will guest demo live on air? I would demo preparing the batters (adding the seasonings into the dry batter and adding apple cider vinegar into the wet batter), dipping/coating the mushrooms in the batters and adding to the frying pan. From there, I would show the completed fried mushrooms plated as a sandwich (see purple above).

Recipe #2 – Vegan Lobster Roll

What You’ll Need:

Mixing Bowl


Kitchen scissors or knife

Cutting board




Makes 3-4 servings


2 cans 14oz (410g) of Hearts of Palm, drained

5 tablespoons vegan mayonnaise

1 stalk of celery, finely diced

¼ of a red onion, finely diced

1/8 red bell pepper, finely diced

2 tsp fresh lemon juice

2 tsp Old Bay seasoning

1 tbsp of Smoked Paprika

1 tsp of garlic powder

2 tsp of Nori flakes (sub for kelp granules or finely chopped dried nori wrap)

4 long buns/rolls

Vegan butter for buns

For topping:

Fresh chives, green onion or fresh or dried dill. Serve with chips and a pickle.


Cut/chop the hearts of palm into bite sized chunks.

Add all the dressing ingredients to a bowl and stir/combine.

Add the chopped hearts of palm and gently combine ingredients together with a fork.

Butter the buns and lay flat on a griddle, grill or pan to toast.

Add mixture to the bun and dress with fresh chopped chives and smoked paprika.

Which parts will guest demo live on air? I would demo the whole process including creating the “lobster meat” mixture and showcasing what heart of palm looks like. I would have a plated visual to pan to upon adding buttered buns on the grill/pan (see purple above).

Recipe #3 Veggie Flatbread

What You’ll Need:

Sheet Pan (2)


Knife and cutting board/chopper



Makes 2-3 servings


1 long flatbread

1 tbsp vegan butter

1 tbsp on oil

2 tbsp minced garlic

2 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp smoked paprika

2 tsp onion powder

5-7 tbsp of hummus

12 oz canned/jarred artichoke hearts, drained

1 cup of fresh broccoli, chopped

1/4 red onion, chopped

½ red pepper, chopped

Optional Toppings: crushed red peppers, fresh dill, chopped, olives


Preheat oven to 400°.

Place veggies in bowl; toss in oil and seasonings. Set bowl to the side.

Evenly distribute butter and minced garlic across flatbread.

Place veggies and flatbread on separate baking sheets and roast on middle rack.

Remove flatbread after 8 minutes and remove veggies after 20 minutes.

Once veggies are roasted, remove them from oven and set to the side.

Generously evenly distribute the hummus to your flatbread with a butterknife.

Use a spatula to transfer veggies from pan and add them to the flatbread.

Garnish with fresh dill and enjoy!

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