The fall time calls for some comfy and cozy meal recipes that are both delicious and healthy.

Chef Camerron Dangerfield stopped by our Studio 41 Kitchen to share a fall fried rice recipe.

Fall Fried Rice 

2 Cups Day Old Brown Rice 

3oz Cooked Chicken Breast (shredded) 

1/4 cup bean spurts 

1/4 Cup winter squash 

1/4 Cup Broccoli

1 teaspoon crushed red pepper 

2 tablespoon yellow onion chopped 

2 tablespoon green onion 

2 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce 

2 tablespoon hoisin sauce 

2 tablespoons Butter 

1 teaspoon sesame oil 

1 egg scrambled 

  1. In a medium sauté pan or wok heat butter and sesame oil over medium to high heat. 
  2. add the yellow onion, and fall veggies . Fry this until they are tender.
  3. Slide the veggies to the side. Pour the beaten eggs onto the other side. Use a spatula to scramble the eggs. Mix them together with the veggies.
  4. Add the rice. Combine it with the veggie and egg mixture. Add cooked chicken. Pour the soy sauce & hoisin on top and stir until it is heated throughout. Season to taste with pepper, sea salt, and crushed red pepper. Garnish with green onions.

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