This Avondale restaurant is focuses on simple, clean cuisine and it’s all about “using few ingredients but using good ingredients”. Chef Devon Quinn joined Daytime Chicago in the Studio 41 kitchen with more about Eden and to prepare “Nichols Farm Cauliflower”.

Instagram: @edeninchicago

Facebook: Eden In Chicago

Restaurant Address: 2734 W Roscoe St. Chicago , IL 60618 (Avondale)

Nichol’s Farm BBQ Cauliflower: sourdough sikil pak, spiced chili oil, chow chow, pepitas

Sourdough Sikil Pak (yield 1qt)


Sourdough bread, crust removed – ¼ loaf

Ground cumin – 1t

Garlic, peeled, and chopped – 2T

Green Onion – 3ea

Jalapeno, seeded and stemmed – 1ea

Pumpkin Seeds, toasted – 1/2C

Sun Gold Tomatoes – 1C

Oat Milk – 2C

Demerara sugar – 1T

Kosher Salt – 1T

Lime Juice – 2T

1 – Remove crust, lightly oil, and grill the sourdough until sufficiently toasted.

2 – Heat up oat milk from cold with garlic, sun golds, jalapeno, pumpkin seeds, and green onions. Allow to simmer until garlic and other aromatics are cooked through.

3 – Strain off oat milk and puree all solids plus remaining ingredients until smooth.

4 – Taste and adjust seasoning.

Cauliflower BBQ spiced oil


Dark chili powder – 1T

Cumin, ground – 1t

Garlic powder – 1t

Onion powder – 1t

Oregano, dried – 1T

Smoked paprika – 1t

Light Brown Sugar – 1T

Kosher Salt – 1t

Canola oil – 1/2C

Mix all ingredients thoroughly until combined. Store until ready to use.

Corn Chow Chow


Corn, cut from cobb – 2C

Red Bell pepper, diced – 1/2C

Garlic, peeled and sliced thin – 2lg cloves

Champagne vinegar – 1C

Jalapeno, seeded and stemmed – 1ea

Kosher salt – 1t

Sugar – 2T

1 – In a large sautee pan, add olive oil to coat and heat.

2 – Add corn and sautee for 1 minute.

3 – Add bell peppers, jalapenos, and garlic. Sweat for 1 minute, and season with salt.

4 – add champagne vinegar and sugar, and continue cooking until reduced by half.

5 – Cool and store until ready to use.

Nichols’ Farm BBQ Cauliflower

sourdough sikil pak, spiced chili oil, chow chow, pepitas


Sourdough Sikil Pak – 1/4C

Cauliflower BBQ Spiced Oil – 2T

Corn Chow Chow – 1/4C

Mick Klug Grapes – 2T

Pepitas, toasted – 1T

Nichols’ Cauliflower – 1C

Olive Oil – 1/4C

Heat olive oil in heavy bottomed pot. Fry the cauliflower in olive oil until cooked through and sufficiently caramelized. Remove from oil with a slotted spoon, toss with spiced oil, a season with kosher salt.

For the build; smear sikil pak in a round on plate or bowl. Top with fried cauliflower. Top with corn chow chow, mick klug grapes, and toasted pepitas.

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