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Eden Restaurant recently moved from its West Loop home to a brand new space in Avondale. It is ever-evolving with a menu that highlights seasonal flavors. Joining us in our Studio 41 kitchen with a look at what’s on the menu is Chef Devon Quinn.

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Gnocchi – 12 servings 

5oz: Basil leaves 
5oz: Chives 
1oz: Tarragon, leaves 
2qt: Ricotta cheese, Bellwether, Drained overnight 
4: Shell Eggs 
2oz: Parmesan cheese, Grated 
1 teaspoon: Salt 
3 cups: AP flour 
2 cups: AP Flour (for bench rolling NOT the recipe) 
4oz: EVOO (for tossing) 

1. Blanch and shock the herbs, and ring out the water with a towel. 
2. Puree the herbs with the ricotta cheese in a vita prep until smooth. 
3. Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment. 
4. The dough will be loose, ball into manageable balls, then roll into 1 inch thick tubes.
5. Cut tubes of Gnocchi on a slight bias with a knife or bench scraper. 
6. place on parchment paper with a tiny! bit of flour or semolina to prevent it from sticking. 
7. Blanch in Boiling water for 1-2 minutes until they are floating in the water.
8. Toss with EVOO and let cool 

To finish the gnocchi for plating: 

​4oz: Herb Gnocchi 
1 Tablespoon: Oil 
1oz: Beurre Monte (emulsified butter) 
2oz: Roasted Butternut squash 
1 Tablespoon: Brown butter salt 
1 Tablespoon: Parmesan Cheese, grated 
1 Tablespoon: Fresh Lemon Juice 
4 leaves: Fried Sage 
1 Tablespoon: Saba 

1. In a sauté pan, add in the oil and sauté the gnocchi on a medium flame until browned on two sides.
2. Add in the squash about halfway through the sauté of the second side of the gnocchi, season with salt now. 
3. Add in one ounce (28 grams) of beurre monte, lemon juice, and half of the parm cheese. 
4. Toss to combine and thin out with pasta water if needed. Then spoon into the black bowl. 
5. Top with the, in this order, parm cheese, brown butter salt, and then the fried sage. 
6. Pool Saba in natural void in plate or bowl.

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