All wizards and muggles of Chicago are getting the chance to step into Hogwarts for A Very Harry Christmas Pop Up at Replay Lincon Park. They’re not just celebrating Harry Potter, Harry Styles fans will also get in on the fun for Harry’s House. Mixologist Andrew Waldrop is here to tell us about it and whip up some cocktails.

Replay Lincoln Park: 2833 N. Sheffield Ave

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Butterbeer (2)
2oz vanilla vodka
.5oz buttershots
Topped w/ cream soda
Chalice, Reg ice
Whipped cream/butterscotch crumble

Elder Wand
1.5oz gin (Aviation)
.5oz elderflower
2.5oz pear
.5oz lime
.25oz simple
Wand stirrer/berry garnish

Watermelon Sugar

This cocktail is meant to be served with the ingredients layered to mimic the colors of a slice of watermelon. Ingredients must be added in the written order to create this layered effect. However, guest should stir cocktail thoroughly with straw before enjoying to balance flavors.

Served in 14 ounce collins glass

Dip rim of collins glass into simple syrup, then into watermelon sugar to coat rim

Add to glass:
Crushed ice to fill
2 ounces of watermelon juice
1/4 ounce of fresh lemon juice
1 and 1/2 ounces of vodka of choice
1/2 ounce of melon liquor
Add straw and fresh watermelon garnish
Serve as is- layered by ingredient color

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