The 7th Annual Chicago Rum Fest is taking place this Saturday at Logan Square Auditorium but today we’re getting a sneak peek of all the fun. Sean Ellis Hussey, co-founder of Chicago Cane Cooperative, joins us now with more.

Saturday, April 22nd

Logan Square Auditorium:
2539 N. Kedzie Blvd

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El Presidente:
For the folks who know toasting to life can happen any time

-1.5oz CCC Gold Rum
-1.5oz Cocchi Americano
-.25oz Dry Curaçao
-1 barspoon grenadine
-Shake, strain & serve up in a coup glass

Improved Sazerac:
For those craving some funky fresh vibes in a classic

-2oz CCC Silver Rum
-.25 maraschino liqueur
-1-2 dashes absinthe
-3-4 dashes Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters
-3-4 dashes Black Walnut Bitters
-.25oz simple syrup
-Stir well on ice, strain & serve up

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