Mijenta tequila is a smooth spirit with a strong commitment to sustainability and female leadership. Joining us now with a Hispanic Heritage inspired cocktail recipe is Natasha Sofia.


La Tierra Fizz


– 1.5 oz Mijenta Tequila

– .75 oz fresh lime juice

– .5 oz Nixta Licor de Elote (Corn Liqueur)

– .5 oz simple syrup

– London Essence Pineapple Soda to top

– Ice cubes

– Lime wheel or pineapple wedge for garnish


– Cocktail shaker

– Jigger or measuring tool

– Highball or Collins glass

– Strainer

– Stirring spoon


1. **Preparation**:

   – Make sure you have all your ingredients and tools ready.

   – Fill the cocktail shaker with ice to pre-chill it.

2. **Measure and Pour**:

   – Use a jigger to measure 1.5 oz of Mijenta Tequila and pour it into the shaker.

   – Measure .75 oz of fresh lime juice and add it to the shaker.

   – Measure .5 oz of Nixta Licor de Elote and add it to the mix.

   – Lastly, add .5 oz of simple syrup.

3. **Shake It Up**:

   – Seal the cocktail shaker and give it a good shake for about 15-20 seconds. You’re aiming to chill the mixture while slightly diluting the ingredients for a balanced flavor.

4. **Strain and Serve**:

   – Take a highball or Collins glass and fill it with ice cubes.

   – Use a strainer to pour the shaken mixture into the glass.

5. **Top and Stir**:

   – Top the mixture with London Essence Pineapple Soda.

   – Use a stirring spoon to gently mix the soda with the cocktail, helping to integrate all the flavors.

6. **Garnish**:

   – Place a lime wheel or pineapple wedge on the rim of the glass for a decorative and flavorful touch.

7. **Enjoy**:

   – Your La Tierra Fizz with Mijenta Tequila is ready! Take a sip and enjoy the complex, refreshing flavors.

This cocktail highlights the smooth, complex flavors of Mijenta Tequila, complemented by the exotic touch of Nixta Licor de Elote and the tropical notes from the London Essence Pineapple Soda. Cheers!

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