Bronzeville Soul restaurant opened its doors last year and dishes such as jerk lamb chops and beef short ribs have customers coming back for more. A very famous customer was recently there and here in our Studio 41 kitchen to tell us how business has been since then and to highlight some of the restaurant’s dishes, owner and head chef Mario Coleman.

4655 S Martin Luther King Dr

(872) 244-7127

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“Jigga Man” Beef Short Ribs
• 20-25 beef short ribs cut ½” thick
• 1 ½ TBSP of Seasoned Salt
• 1 TBSP of Black Pepper
• 2 TSP of Onion Powder
• 3 TBSP of house blend seasoning
• Beef Broth (liquid) as desired

In a large dish combine short ribs with all dry ingredients. Spread short ribs evenly in a large baking pan and add beef broth until covered. Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 3 hours or until tender.

Bronzeville Fried Cabbage
• 1 head of cabbage
• 1 Red Bell Pepper
• 1 Green Bell Pepper
• ½ yellow or white onion
• ¼ cup of water

Chop cabbage into thin slices. Combine all ingredients into a large frying pan and sauté on medium heat for approximately 12-15 minutes stirring occasionally.

Seasoning Short ribs, seasoning and cooking cabbage.

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