The Malice in Wonderland Halloween Pop-Up returns to Headquarters Beercade October 27th with themed cocktails, gruesome photo opportunities, trivia, costume contests, and much more.

Bar manager Maharlika Erickson joined us in studio with a preview and taste of its Halloween cocktails.

213 W. Institute Place

October 27th – 31st

Drink Me

Cihuatan Indigo 8yr Rum | lemon | agave nectar | honey | Vera Pistachio cream ale 

1 oz Cihuatan indigo

.75 oz triple syrup

.5 oz lemon

Bottom w/ 2 oz vera pistachio cream ale

Garnish with “Drink Me” toe tag, mushroom glass

Who. Are. You?

Gin | genmaicha green tea | lemon | lavender | butterfly pea flower | soda | blueberry jam cloud

1.5 oz  Gin

.75 oz Lavender / Genmaicha / Pea Flower syrup

.5 oz Lemon

Bottom w/ 2 oz Soda, Collins glass

Garnish with Cotton Candy “smoke cloud”

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