Joliet man charged in drunk driving hit-and-run crash that injured 10-year-old son


JOLIET TOWNSHIP, Ill. — A 29-year-old Joliet man is in custody after allegedly driving under the influence Saturday, yielding a four-vehicle crash and later fleeing the scene before authorities arrived.

Police say Christopher Hernandez rear-ended a vehicle just after 5 p.m. while driving westbound on Plainfield Road at Hennepin Drive. Authorities said the collision caused both cars to lose control and veer into two additional vehicles waiting in the left turn lane of eastbound Plainfield Road.

According to police, Hernandez fled the scene carrying his seriously injured 10-year-old son.

Further details revealed that Hernandez carried his injured son to a nearby store, left him there, and ran away.

First responders transported Hernandez’s son to Amita St Joseph Medical Center to treat his broken leg. Drivers and passengers who remained at the scene of the collision were unharmed.

Hernandez was later captured in the 1200 block of Wyoming Avenue and charged with four counts of aggravated DUI, endangering a child’s life, failure to remain at the scene of a personal injury accident, and obstructing/resisting a peace officer.

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