CHICAGO — Former State Rep. Luis Arroyo will spend just under five years in federal prison for his part in a bribery scheme. 

A federal judge sentenced Arroyo to 57 months in prison. He was charged with bribery in October 2019.

A criminal complaint alleged Arroyo gave a $2,500 bribe to a sitting state senator who had been cooperating with federal investigators. The senator was not named in the complaint.

The bribe was part of a scam that involved popular but technically illegal “sweepstakes” games and involved the state senator and the son-in-law of a once-powerful Cook County politician.

In handing down the sentence, a federal judge called Arroyo a “corruption super-spreader,” adding that the former state official’s conduct was “dirty.”

Arroyo apologized before the sentencing, saying he let down his constituents and loved ones.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.