EAST CHICAGO, Ind. — Homeowners say a noise complaint led East Chicago police to raid their apartment without probable cause.  

Now, they’re filing charges.  

WGN News obtained cell phone video of a police raid on April 28. In the video, an officer is heard shouting, “‘Do you wanna get bit? Do you want to get bit for doing nothing? Put your hands up, rollover.'”  

The homeowners told WGN News they were hosting an anniversary party when police raided their apartment.  

“Out of nowhere, we get a very loud pounding on the door and when we opened the door, guns were drawn,” said Tanisha O’Neal.

The rest was caught on camera as four officers and a canine unit entered the apartment.  

People at the party say police swapped their guns for tasers and waved them around carelessly. The officers arrested two men – Laquan Afolavan and Craig Ginn – though their lawyer says they did nothing wrong.   

“There was no reason for him to be arrested. There’s no reason for (police) to be in the home,” said attorney Cannon Lambert Sr.   

“I feel like we did everything they asked us to do, so I don’t know why it led to an arrest,” O’Neal added. 

The homeowners filed a complaint against the officers and the East Chicago Police Department for assault, batterty, false arrest, and false imprisonment.   

“He did not say, ‘We are the police,’ he didn’t tell us that he was there for a noise complaint, so we still didn’t know until the next day,” O’Neal said.   

WGN News reached out to East Chicago police for comment on these allegations but has not yet heard back.

The homeowners say officers violated their rights and they want to do their part to put an end to it.   

“We are still scared to this day when we hear knocks at the door or people walking up the stairs,” O’Neal said. “We’re fearful. That’s not fair. We will not protect them.”

The homeowners are seeking $3 million in damages. They’ll be in court at the end of the month.