CHICAGO — A Harvey man guilty of using a dating app to lure and attack a victim before stealing their vehicle in June of 2019 will spend more than a decade behind bars.

Stepfon Jiggetts, 25, was sentenced to 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to felony aggravated vehicular hijacking.

According to prosecutors, Jiggetts used an online dating app to lure the victim to his south suburban Harvey home.

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Once the victim arrived, Jiggetts entered the vehicle and asked the target to drive him to a nearby gas station. After returning to Jiggetts’ home, prosecutors say an unidentified individual began attacking the victim and attempted to remove them from the vehicle forcefully.

Prosecutors said Jiggetts followed in the assault.

According to prosecutors, once the victim was out of the vehicle, Jiggetts entered and drove with the victim’s phone and wallet.

Jiggets was located driving the victim’s vehicle the following day.

A police chase was ensured when Jiggets attempted to flee responding officers.

After crashing the stolen vehicle, Jiggets attempted to run away from the police. He was taken into custody sometime later, still in possession of the victim’s phone.

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Harvey Police Department assisted with the investigation.