Community Calendar:

Organizations interested in submitting an upcoming event on WGN-TV’s Community Calendar may do so by going to and clicking on “Add Event.”  Those without Internet access may send their information to…

Ms. Bridget Gonzales
Community Calendar
WGN Television
2501 West Bradley Place
Chicago, Illinois 60618-4718

Public Service Announcements:

Non-profit organizations interested in submitting recorded public service announcements for possible airings on WGN-TV and must email a request to  Recorded public service announcements may be submitted through ExtremeReach.  Please include ISCE code, title and length of each public service announcement.  Once received, public service announcements are screened and added to WGN-TV’s PSA rotation pending approval.  Recorded public service announcements for limited runs, date-specific events or events that require a charge for admission will not be approved.  WGN-TV does not provide dates and times of public service announcement airings.