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CHICAGO, February 17, 2020 — Chicago’s Very Own WGN-TV will premiere the fifth season of Backstory with Larry Potash on Saturday, February 22 at 10:30pm CT. Additional all-new episodes will air on the following three Saturday nights. Potash explores the backstory behind some of the most intriguing tales in history, culture, religion and science from Chicago and beyond. Encores air Sundays at 11pm CT on WGN-TV. All broadcasts of Backstory with Larry Potash are also streamed live at WGNTV.com/Live

Viewers who want to catch up on previous seasons of Backstory can watch featured videos at WGNTV.com/Backstory as well as download podcasts via iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or wherever podcasts are available. In addition, select stories from Season 5 episodes will be available the week after each episode airs.

Some of Season 5’s subjects will include:

· The first, and perhaps only, successful lawsuit brought by a slave, uncovered on Chicago’s South Side.

· The tale of Lipizzans, some of the most beautiful horses in the world, and how they ended up ensconced in the Northern suburbs.

· The man who helped federal agents nail Al Capone on tax evasion charges.

· The history and future of offal cuisine, which is the culinary tradition of creating dishes from commonly discarded animal organs.

· Author Ian Fleming, who may have included a significant part of his own personal story into his famous character James Bond.

· The Chicago photographer recreating history one shot at a time.

· An unprecedented look inside the royal archive of King George III, revealing his thoughts about the colonials and how that led to the Shot Heard ‘Round The World.

· An amateur historian’s one-man mission to preserve Chicago’s rich outdoor advertising past.

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