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CHICAGO, September 30, 2019– Chicago’s Very Own WGN-TV will premiere the fourth season of Backstory with Larry Potash on Saturday, October 5 at 10pm CT. All-new episodes will air Saturday nights throughout October. Potash explores the backstory behind some of the most intriguing tales in history, culture, religion and science from Chicago and beyond. Each WGN-TV airing will also stream live at WGNTV.com/Live. Encores will air late Sundays at 11pm CT on WGN-TV and Wednesdays at 7pm CT on CLTV. Check out a sneak peek here.

Viewers who want to catch up on previous seasons of Backstory can watch featured videos at WGNTV.com/Backstory as well as download podcasts via iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or wherever podcasts are available. In addition, select stories from Season 4 episodes will be available the week after each episode airs.

Some of Season 4’s subjects will include:

A salvager who, amidst the ruins of an old Chicago home, has pieced together a photographic mystery that spans two centuries.
The untold story of a teenage chronicler of The Rolling Stones.
How NASA sold the American public on going to the moon.
Pieces of Chicago’s Cold War history that are hidden in plain sight all around Chicagoland.
Larry Potash returns to his hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts to uncover its deep history of radical spirituality. He also investigates the history of those who claim to communicate with the dead.
The 1692 Salem witch trials as seen through a new historical lens.
The real-life backstory of one of the scariest movies of all time.

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